Logotyp för Rörelsefolkhögskolornas intresseorganisation - RIO

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Uppdaterad: 25 januari 2023

Mission statement

RIO is the umbrella organization for the 114 Swedish folk high schools owned by civil society organizations. The mission of RIO is to promote and monitor the interests of the civil society folk high schools and through their activities contribute to the strengthening and development of democracy.

Main activities

RIO together with the umbrella organization the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and the Swedish Adult Education Association (SAEA) form Folkbildningsrådet, the Swedish National Council of Adult Education.
In order to develop the international relations of the Swedish folk high schools, RIO and SKL together have formed a mission called FOLAC, Folkbildning - Learning for Active Citizenship.

RIO´s main focus is to promote and work for the interests of the Swedish folk high schools owned by popular organizations.

RIO long-term work is:

  • to support activities that contribute to strengthening an developing democracy
  • to contribute to making it possible for people to influence their life situation and create participative involvement in societal development
  • to contribute to leveling educational gaps and raising the level of education and cultural awareness in society
  • to contribute to broadening the interest for and increase participation in cultural life.